Getting Started Tip - Using the demo apps


The Developer version of includes sample applications written in Java, C#, and DataFlex. This sample application, a basic property tracking application, includes a full API, business logic, and data access routines to connect to Microsoft SQL LocalDB and MariaDB.

The API exposed is the same API that is demoed on our website at On our demo site, you can check the “Add Custom Endpoint” checkbox next to the “Endpoint Location” textbox which will allow you to enter a custom URL.

The Developer version of includes a Developer Helper that allows you to instantly publish a temporary copy of your API out onto the internet without any setup! Just compile and run the sample application in the language of your choice and our Developer Helper will pop up. Click the “Enable Gateway” checkbox, and pick a gateway near you. Then click the “Start Thriftly” button.

The URL that comes up in your default browser takes you to a publicly published page that contains documentation for your API. On that page towards the top is the Developer Endpoint Location. Copy this URL and paste it into the custom URL field at and our website will make the URL directly to your computer! You can send this URL to someone else and they can try it out as well. Just by running our Developer Helper and clicking “Enable Gateway” you’ve published your API directly onto the internet!

You can use this feature of to give web designers or other developers access to your API and live documentation about the structure of your API. As long as you keep the application running on your machine, they can access your API. We limit these Developer Endpoints to a maximum of 7 days of runtime so you don’t forget about them.

If you haven’t already, sign up for an account and get an API published on the internet in just a couple of minutes!