Getting Started Tip - Setting up a Test Server


As you’re using Developer, you may discover that having a test server setup is more convenient for you. As part of your trial, you can download and install a deployment version of Server.

The deployment version of requires that you have everything you need to run your application already setup. You are not at this time able to install Server on your development machine, but you can install it inside of another VM on your development machine (this is what we often do internally). Your trial deployment license entitles you to install and run Server for a period of 30 days with as many applications and on as many machines you like.

After you’ve installed the deployment version of and activated your license, do whatever steps are necessary to setup your application (don’t forget to install other 3rd party libraries your application may depend on!). Then follow these instructions to get your application up and running in Server.

When setup in this fashion, you no longer have the 7-day Developer Endpoint limitation. Your application can run at whatever endpoint you setup for the entire trial period. If you need an extended trial period, please feel free to email us at with your request. Make sure to include the email address that your account is registered to.